Write two reasons why roots are important to plants?

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anchors plants in the ground and absorb water from the soil!
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Why are root hairs important to plants?

Root hairs form an important surface over which plants absorb most of their water and nutrients. The cell structure of root hairs exhibits a large surface area to volume ratio

Why are the roots of plants important to photosynthesis?

Water used in photosynthesis by plants is made available by roots.That is why roots of plants are important to photosynthesis interrestrial plants. Aqatic plants absorb water

Why are roots important to a plant?

Roots are important to plants because the roots control the whole part of it. If the plant had no roots then it could not absorb water and nutrients to keep the plant alive.

Why are roots important to the plant?

roots are important because they are wat helps a plant grow into , well, a PLANT .. roots help the plant survive in harsh weather and they are wat keep the plant planted! also

How are plant roots important to photosynthesis?

That they're the point by which soluble minerals and nutrients enter the plant is the reason why a plant's roots are important to photosynthesis. By capillary action, and th
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Write importance of leguminous plant roots?

leguminous plants are grown after one yield because it increases a fertility of the soil leguminous plants are containing highly nitrate in it it also helps in grows of c
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Why are the roots of the balsam plant important?

Many plants require roots. Basically, the roots are required to absorb water & mineral salts. The roots, being long & narrow will absorb water and mineral salts as they grow b