How many pounds does Saturn weigh?

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44 pounds exact

If you weighed 100 pounds on earth what would you weigh on Saturn?

106 pounds Saturn's gravity acceleration at the equator is about 10.4 m/s 2 . Earths gravity acceleration is 9.81 m/s 2 . So Saturn's gravity is about 10.4/9.81 = 1.06 times stronger than Earth's. That would put a weight of 100 lb on Earth, on 106 lb on the surface of Saturn at the equator.

If you weigh 120 pounds on earth how much would you weigh on Saturn?

If you weigh 120 pounds on earth, you would weigh 127.2 pounds onSaturn. Your weight on Saturn is 1.06 times more than on earth. A person that weighs 120 pounds on Earth would weigh 127 pounds onSaturn. To find out how much a person would weigh on Saturn, simplymultiply that person's weight by 1.066.

How much would a 160 pound person weigh on saturn?

They would have about 160 x 1.065 pounds weight. That's about 170.4 pounds weight. That's because the surface gravity of Saturn is about 1.065 times the Earth's. However there is some disagreement over the exact strength of Saturn's gravity. It depends a bit on the definition. The number I have used is roughly in the middle of different values you can find.