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it means to make more of.
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How do you reproduce?

To reproduce: - Put the original picture or text into a copying machine. - Examine the original statue or painting and make as good a copy as you can. - Pollinate a flower and then plant the seeds or take cuttings and plant them. - Introduce a male organism (fish, fowl, insect or human) to a female organism, at the right time and under the right circumstances. Encourage transfer of male reproductive cells to be united with female reproductive cells. . you stick willy in vagina !!!!! . this site is crap!

How does snail reproduce?

How do snails reproduce?Snails will be able to reproduce differently than almost any other type of creature because of their species and their make-up. This begins with the build that all snails have. Snails are considered to be hermaphrodites . This means that every snail will have both male and female reproductive organs . This is especially consistent among land snails and most marine snails. The only snails that have not adapted this attribute is some freshwater and marine species, specifically including Apple Snails and periwinkles. These two types of snails still have a separate male and female species. All snails will be considered sexually mature by the time they are one year old. This is because the life span of most species does not last for more than five to seven years, allowing for a faster growth rate of the species. The make-up of the snails will include their reproductive organs on the side of their body. This is close to the top of their body as well, allowing for easier abilities to mate and to grow the baby snails.

How do seashore reproduce?

The male and female with court for several days. The female willeventually transfer her eggs into the males pouch, where they willgrow for 45 days.

How do amphibians reproduce?

they reproduce externally and internally They lay eggs in water. Amphibians, like fish, lay eggs in the water. by laying eggs They lay eggs. All amphibians reproduce by laying eggs in the water.

How do heartworms reproduce?

In graduate school I conducted research on heartworm disease and as a veterinarian I deal with it frequently, so I can provide a detailed response to this question. There are both male and female heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) which live in the heart and pulmonary vessels. The adult heartworms mate and, unlike many other parasites, which produce eggs, heartworms produce live offspring called microfilariae (singular form microfilaria). The microfilariae are NOT infective rather they have to undergo an obligatory developmental phase in a mosquito. When a mosquito takes a blood meal from a heartworm-infected dog, it will draw in some microfilariae from the bloodstream. The microfilariae undergo changes in form inside the mosquito until it becomes an L3 (third stage larval form), which is the infective form. This typically takes 14 days or longer. When the mosquito takes another blood meal and injects the L3 heartworms into the skin of a dog (or cat). In 3-4 days, while in the skin, the larvae undergo another change in form to become an L4. Over the ensuing 2-3 months, they migrate to the heart/pulmonary vessels and gradually develop into the adult form. Approximately 6-7 months following the initial infection (when the L3s were injected into the skin) the adult worms are mature, begin mating and produce microfilariae.

How do mosquitoes reproduce?

Mosquitoes are insects they might be asexual or sexual animals, but in scientific explanations they usually breed in waters especially contaminated with bacteria. -edit- I've seen mosquitos having sex in the middle of the air, floating together. And I've seen mosquitos' larvae in water... my hypothesis/conclusion is: They reproduce in the middle of the air and then the female search for water to put the eggs.

Why do you reproduce?

To make sure that the continue of its kind exist We as humans like to reproduce for the following reasons: 1. It may be fun 2. To pouplate the human race 3. Becoming a mother/father is a inspiring thing 4. Peopl have much love to give away Or because the want to have SEXUALLY activity

Can vampires reproduce?

Yes, ever since ancient times it has been known that a male vampire can impregnate a human woman. The child is known as a Dhampir. These children have all the powers of a vampire (in ancient times that meant only the power to steal life-force, all this super-power nonsense is late 19th century and Hollywood conceived) but as they are already alive, they have no need to steal life-force. This power lies dormant until they themselves die, or are near death, and they have cause to employ it. I know of non instance where a female vampire has given birth.

How do puffballs reproduce?

The Puffball Fungus reproduces by tiny little cells called spores. While the spores are maturing they are opening

What do gymnosperms reproduce with?

The gymnosperms are primarily conifers (cone bearing trees and shrubs) such as the spruce, pine and fir trees. They are non-flowering plants that produce seeds not encased in any kind of carpel or fruit. The seeds form on the scales of the cone. Whether they form seeds asexually, or sexually (which I doubt, given the absence of a blossom and an ovary), I cannot say for sure. Perhaps someone else can add to this. just adding to this i do know that seeds were the first plants to reproduce using seeds

How do plants that do not reproduce from seed reproduce?

Reproduce by spores like mushrooms and ferns. Repoduce by suckers or shoots like banana and pineapple. Reproduce from stem cuttings like rose and sugar cane. Reproduce from underground stem like potato and ginger. Reproduce frome underground roots like carrot and sweet potato. Reproduce by leaves like the African Violet and Bryophyllum.

What is reproduce and fertilization?

In sexual reproduction , two parents donate genes to their young, resulting in offspring with a mix of inherited genes. These genes are donated through a process called fertilization. There are two mechanisms by which fertilization can take place. The first is external (the eggs are fertilized outside of the body), and the second is internal (the eggs are fertilized within the female reproductive tract). While fertilization is necessary for organisms that reproduce sexually, individuals that reproduce asexually do so without the need for fertilization. These organisms produce genetically identical copies of themselves through the process of mitosis .

What is reproducing?

Reproducing can mean to make a copy of something or to re-createsomething such as an image. Reproducing also refers to generatingoffspring.