What type of simple machine is wrench and pipe?

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inclined plane

What simple machine is a wrench?

It is an inclined plane because of its two tightening and looseninggrips. They are shaped jut like one. It also has a screw that weuse to manipulate the grip. Some people think of it as a wheel andaxle.

What type of simple machines are in a computer?

Computers don't have many moving parts. A simple machine is defined as a mechanical device that changes the direction of force. Simple machines inside a computer would be the gears that enable an electric motor to rotate the hard drive and the gears that open and close the disc tray.

What type of simple machine is a keyboard?

A keyboard is not a simple machine. Its a complex machine. Once there is electric running through the item, its considered complex. So this keyboard is not a part of simple machinery Answered by some random person that searched up this question to help with my h.w. not the person asking the Q

Is a shovel a type of simple machine?

a shovel is a first class lever. the force is applied to the handle, the soil at the end is the load and the edge that touchs the top of the soil is the fulcrum.